The Biddys

On the eve of St. Bridget (31st January)
“Men and women dressed up in old ragged clothes, ‘giobals’ in Gaelic.
Twine was used for belts or maybe old rope, sometimes they wore pyjamas turned inside out.
They covered their faces with pieces of painted cloth. These masks were usually made from cotton flour bags or old scraps of material.
Two holes were cut out for the eyes And a gash for the mouth.
They looked very scary to me,
I don’t know what was used for paint, but as I remember they were very colourful.
They also wore hats, and carried sticks, like those used by shepherds.
They played accordians and danced around the kitchen when they came in.
Once Grandma had fresh buns made for our tea, and they stole most of them on the way out.
I hated the Biddies night…..
I was always scared by their masks and long wild looking attire!!!!!!”. (Mart Forde my aunt)