Spent the day longing to be under water

was thinking to leave the house, head for Rockaway beach

hop in the water.. hitch a ride.. whale back to Greenland…


hours of being lost in those thoughts..

wondered if i should bring a back pack..

I remembered Gary’s exhibition-project ‘At Sea’

Lost in these images
mouthfuls of sea water
salty skin

Monday 5th March 2007. Swim No 2036.
I left the house at 11.40, I cycled the usual route, nothing unusual, the normal dog walkers & people exercising. Spring is definitely threatening, the whole way down I can hear birds chirping loudly, arriving in Sandycove I recognise a few people changing in the shelter of Kavanagh’s wall. Eoin is walking slowly back from the sea in his togs, arms stretched before him, looking like a mummy from horror film. I go on to the Forty Foot, it is very rough off the front & no one is about so I go around to the back, which is safer, Mick Dwane is there as is Bill. I ask where all the regulars are & I am told they have gone on their second trip of the winter to the Canaries, lucky dogs, though have to say I would not walk to the shops with some of them. I change & hop in, the tide is very high & strong, with very little effort I was drawn out 15 metres, I take my photo’s & swim back in. I chat away to Mick & Bill & decline their offer of a cup of tea in the hut & I head off. It starts to rain, something that has been threatening all day, but it has been a few days since I had some proper exercise s o I decide to take a risk & go in spite of the weather.

I head off on a cycle to Dalkey, I take my normal route, a car on Breffni Road passes within inches of me. I see one of the adult seals begging for fish off Bulloch Harbour. It has the head the size of a small cow. I cycle up the hill the road works on Harbour Road, which have been going on for months, have now finally finished & the road signs are so newly painted you can still see their chalk outlines. I pass by a gaggle of school girls outside Loreto School, I turn around in Dalkey & come back, the wind is now behind me & it really makes a difference, I fly down harbour Road, cycle along through Glasthule, spot Dessie Perry coming back from the Off Licence with a full bag of beer, I give him a wave. An aggressive young driver allows me to pass with scarcely concealed disdain before driving past at a ridiculous speed, arsehole. I stop at the Centra store to buy my paper but it is sold out so I cycle on to Dun Kaoghaire, I pass by one of the worst buskers that I have ever heard in my whole life plinking away at a white plastic guitar on the corner of link road. Get to John’s newsagents on the corner of Clarinda park east buy my paper; it starts to rain heavily so I speed home. Just as I am going in my front door, I meet Maureen from one of the flats next door, who tells me that a good friend has just died, of Lung Cancer. She then proceeds to give me a blow by blow account of the unfortunate mans demise, all the while she is frantically puffing away on a cigarette, poor woman, she is very upset. Home at 12.40

ARTIST GARY COYLE: The Daily Practice of Swimming