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Richardson Magazine A4 – Sasha Grey Interview.



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Consider: the darkening ease, the brightening trouble; the pleasure pleasure because it was, the pain pain because it shall be; the glad acts grown proud, the proud acts growing stubborn; the panting and trembling towards a being gone, a being to come; and the true true no longer, and the false true not yet. And to decide not to smile after all, sitting in the shade, hearing the cicadas, wishing it were night, wishing it were morning, saying, No, it is not the heart, no, it is not the liver, no, it is not the prostate, no, it is not the ovaries, no, it is muscular, it is nervous.

Samuel Beckett, Watt 1943

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Saw these beauties with two male friends on Studio Voltaire’s stand at The Independent Fair NY
did a little impromptu tit survey with them
which was their favorite a, b, c or d… ?
b was the outright winner
The call of the Great Tit
Edward Kay, Working Mum 2010
Pencil on paper, series of 21payday loans online casino


I’m too sad to tell you 1970 – Bas Jan Ader

I saw this picture in Moma.. and took a picture of the picture

and then read about Bas…

its sad…and beautiful..and sad… and beautiful..and sad… and beautiful

In 1975 Ader embarked on what he called “a very long sailing trip.” The voyage was to be the middle part of a triptych called “In Search of the Miraculous,” a daring attempt to cross the Atlantic in a 12½ foot sailboat. He claimed it would take him 60 days to make the trip, or 90 if he chose not to use the sail. Six months after his departure, his boat was found, half-submerged off the coast of Ireland, but Bas Jan had vanished.

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